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Oh you lovely ladies...


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Hey hey ladies! The weekend has gone boo hoo, back to work, but not without checking up on your favourite insta-feed first! Today we've hand picked picked our favourite and most delightful hashtags of the week for all to enjoy! Afterall we do love a good hashtag. If you want to be featured simply snap, hashtag #instacofd and boom you too could be on our top fashion page! Easy as. What are you waiting for?



We spy with our little eye... flamingos! That's right, flamingo's!



Fresh and fruity. Just how we like it.



Doug and Patty. Styling it out in Givenchy obviously.



Our brand spanking new guest blogger looking hot to the max! Check her out! Right here. We demand it.



Distorted? Don't care. Still freaking hot.

Not to mention we'd actually really like those shorts in our lives.



Who cares if we only have 10 fingers, we want 60 rings.



Peace out ladies, who doesn't love a cheeky Celine?



Good morning world.



Sunglasses can never be too big or too round. Ala Edie.


You too can be featured. Hashtag #instacofd yay!